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  Sweet this earthly dust, and Return, the concluding chapters of Buddhadeva Bose's classic memoir Sab Peyechhir Deshe ('The land where I found it all'), serialized in Parabaas. Translated by Nandini Gupta. 'Even after having spoken at great length about Rabindranath, much remains unsaid. Some of what I have said is personal, some inconsequential. No matter. It has been my great fortune to have been born in the land of Rabindranath, to have been his contemporary even though so much younger.....'

  Pragjyotish (Before the stars could foretell) Indrani Chakraborty translates Saradindu Bandyopadhyay's short story 'Pragjyotish' from the original Bengali:
"Pradyumna appraised the prisoner silently. Her skin had the sheen of polished copper, her eyes had a pained look, her hair was dishevelled. Her clothes and jewellery were modest: a simple necklace of seeds, conch shell bracelets adorned her wrists..."

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