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cBFA gOs ocA@ SFɮ snf (cɮ-45/46/47)

cBFA gOs snf ަ Zc gU Uwa | jTS ^ @AcF@ wF ~S@AS AAS | UZ@ S ɩ-@UT @ !

a^ Acv (bewtra...@...)

`Yatri'— excellent! Is this a real life story?

Best wishes for Debjyoti.

Aloke mazumder (alok2k...@...)

~OT@q j Aa ~S cɮ-j | rf cBFA gOs SF s-gwAv ަUT, ~F^ ^ | AAS aAc T U oaS ceU wT j@er, U oaS wT-empA j@ AcrK aAc ; Tɰp ~@CQ, J gAcKF BfcS AS m-vSS--j@ @ ~kc | ~T ~^A@ oSFcɰ cɮ-j @r@, UZ@@ | o j@Av ~A Qب ~So, cSS A@ j@v ZU @U cʮ^ c cɮ-j snf |

cq Zc gU @cS | oSFcɰ |

gɩ WK (prabhatje...@...)

ASdT Oncf TUOS : ~r@@بT TZoF ~AިdK (cɮ-47)

cɮ 47-T eZF @Ar ASdT Oncf-@p ~r@@بT TZoF SFɮ ~AިdK-j TUOS AUAZ jce FTpXo | ~LAcmp BA Ac cCAU cST ~a | ~AިdK Bɩf qAɮ-~rf SF sAw q AcmpA @Al ~SS, ~ swF TUOS sAw ~UOF ިm@i i@TS A@l ATH ~w | rfOncf q U aS |

~UOSAv mS ogK | @S @S ecɰn ɰ@f ASc^ cFA@ ceU ogK cFc ɲA@@U U | A@ا jq OSAcAo s j@ ~rs Bɩ @rrA ~a jce ԮcBSwF ~AU OSAcAo s cn cFcswF S j-AcK TUO@ OS ~AgT m | J A@a rK jce T^cF ssgc @Ar a ASc^Av ogK AO c @Hq |

TUOS ~^w j@ XopA TUO@ erwm (a gU Ԯerwm) jce i@ sF˻f | cf^ OoF AO CAU U :

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               cO wU J TBS
j@ AAS T
               JA ZS Arc wBS |
bFT@ب@ب bFT@ب@ب
               wBS q cAF cB
               ~S s J rXogBS ||
~TR mpA @ XopA | q j kH AcXo Ac @c S |

OoF (ukc...@...)

~AT jq cqAv AcK BS OqAaUT | jq UZAv ~T Zc @B UwU q | ~ha XogK UZ ha @S ? ~AA̽ wɯfs qha ? ~T TS a @FgK AUZU cAr H @a@Aa | OSAv j m:mب, cUfU s @R XogK w @pAnT UwAS sAR | TUOS cqAv ަ qha ~ B̰ U |

POUf (dodoram...@...)

OTl@ ̩ UZ | cqZAS ަ qha @U--~ jqZSq TUO@ B ; i@@ cqAv AS@v jS U | RS ~ jTS UZ Oq cɮ-j ɩ |

f OMof (cdpnkr...@...)

B O^ TUOS : f gMAT@-j Sv@ Tw (cɮ-47)

Bcc--UZAv Zcq ^ a c ~AT ~ j@v Acm ~r @AaUT, AcrK @ @UAXo Sv@Av | ~T T, f gMAT@-j UZ U @UAXo | Rvq j@Tn Sv@ sZS F@Av OAn cS R gcS ASB ASB gc ~F^ AF--jTS WvS ~B@ AS AcU sZS TSK r O @R AF gc i S @Sv Ai@ ~ @Sv gU | jq Sv@Av ToF A ~ j@c TAH a TSK T ɮ |

q^SfU (indymukh...@...)

a^ OoF Acv gTH@AAS ~Fxv@ػAv@ (cɮ-47)

a^A A Ae cq OUa, @cU AS @TS Acr W cS, BSFq S, RS T cUfU OS ~T AUZ A S @S--q | AQH Td R UZZAS sfA ~A ^ | @cU AS STf AZ-AZ cU RS UZ q ~o-UU-iJv ~Fxv@ػAv@S cB Caracara c r@بS @ aAc R -O @ rS ~r AaU | eZF BSF ~of ~w ~Q @c |

f OMof (cdpnkr...@...)

UZ@ :

@T Caracara ZAaUT Av U بw @ػ | v aAc AUT :


                 Crested caracara jce Chimango caracara

@ Z qAS | ~Fxv@ػAv@ A@ا jc AZ Sq | RZS@ AZ aAcU ~wTf eZF Z cS | ~r @A gU Uwc |

ASdT Oncf ԰Av @Ac (cɮ-47)

ɰ@ Tr, jq ASdTcc j AS @ UA@ AaUS ? @S RS UZ ~w ~T AAS AcrK ? Ae c s AZ SS, qAS ZAa -hO ~@r R rAOU ! qAS cɮ-j j@ L : cBFA-@MAr@-U-~SSF TS RS ަ cHAO R mvc@-v sA ~TR ަ ީT ! RS@ UT |

f OMof (cdpnkr...@...)

gcgkA gOs w^-TUOS (cɮ-47)

Since nobody said it yet, I feel that I should. These book reviews, and the other ones, by Bhababhuti Bhattacharya are sheer delight to read. Let this genuine connoisseur read more and continue to write more for Parabaas!

Nirupam Chakraborti (nchakrab...@...)

ASdT Oncf ԰Av @Ac (cɮ-46)

These two poems by poet Nirupam Chakraborty are fantastic. It shows his literary sense and control over the language.

There is another reason for these verses touching me. I stayed in Finland for several months, and the river Aurajoki and the old cathedral beside it had once been very close to my heart. The first poem seems to be reflecting my feeling about the beautiful place. It has been a nice nostalgic feeling. I could see the place through the poem. Congratulations to the poet. I would request him to keep the good work up.

Shubhabrata Datta (shu.d...@...)

a^ OoF Acv gTH@AAS ATc @ BUɩ : ~BAxvS @@AS (cɮ-46)

Im glad that seasoned traveler Dr. Bewtra has written about Foz do Iguau (Iguau in Portuguese, Iguaz in Spanish); as, to me, it brought back so much of fond memories. Once I rafted up to `Devils throat' mentioned in her anecdote and also took a chopper ride above the falls. We were suddenly surrounded by a cylinder of rainbow colored water as we were inside the throat. Nothing else was visible then, not even the sky. For a while I thought I would never be able to come out of it! Dr. Bewtra has very nicely described this experience and I would vouch for it! And who would have thought that even this ferociously turbulent water would be home to jacar one of the species of South American crocodiles? I saw them merrily moving around every now and then. Yes, I did crossover to the Argentinean side, for which Dr. Bewtra has got a much better story to tell. I have also seen the nearby Itaipu dam from the Brazilian side. Its a joint venture between Brazil and Paraguay, constructed by annihilating several of Foz do Iguaus beautiful sisters!

As for the depressing streets of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, they still bring to my mind Nerudas Walking Around: (The following translation is by Robert Bly. A nice Bangla version is available in Bishnu Deys Hey bideshi phool)

There are sulphur-colored birds, and hideous intestines
hanging over the doors of houses that I hate,
and there are false teeth forgotten in a coffeepot,
there are mirrors
that ought to have wept from shame and terror,
there are umbrellas everywhere, and venoms, and umbilical cords.

I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes,
my rage, forgetting everything,
I walk by, going through office buildings and orthopedic shops,
and courtyards with washing hanging from the line:
underwear, towels and shirts from which slow
dirty tears are falling

I will look forward to reading more of such interesting travelogues from Dr. Bewtra.

Nirupam Chakraborti (nchak...@...)

SS cɮ ZUq a^ OoF Acv UZ Tq ަ ~gF JAa | jcR cFAnT AS | jc vU ~ ^ | SFv-ABR USf | @SAS qɮ Z c qhav TS ToF ~ OAw iU | A@ا dBg\v @ Axv @S, ɽS S @S ?

f OMof(cdpnk...@...)

dBg\v jZS ɽS waS !--ɰ@

AUɫT TBT @Ac ~B@U OJ@ (cɮ-46)

AUɫT TBT ~AT j@AS g | dH UwU ~B@U OJ@ |

gOsF c̨q (subarni...@...)

T UZAv gU UwU | AXf R pfAv ~ gU UwAS |

q^SfU cf (indranilb...$..)

~SĨ ri-j @Ac T@ (cɮ-46)

A real piece of poetic expression from Anushtup Sett. Many congratulations...

Chandrabhanu Basak (cbasa...@...)

A^U gOs ASAv @Ac (cɮ-46)

Hindol is as usual magnificent. His genius is mesmerizing and stunning. Hindol, more, more from you.

Prasenjit da. (prasen7...@...)

~r@@بT TZoF w\ @Ac B^ (cɮ-46)

dH UwU UZAv ; wF ~ @\S, qAɮ ~ AF ATr wU Aw^...


gOs c̨q-j @Ac AAB (cɮ-46)

gU UwU | ~\ @ @..

q^SfU cf (indranilb...@...)

^ Uwa @AcZAS | ^ | A@ا ~SSF, aAc @q ? jq @Ac aAc ~AS @f ~J@S, Z fQ qUT |

f (cdpnk...@...)

A ɮ-j @Ac ԮcB U@ (cɮ-46)

~oH ! ~Xg j@v ~ha^ AW oU | Qf qUT ~S H | gha ...

q^SfU cf (indranilb...@...)

cf Ac@r @-j ԰Av a (cɮ-46)

JAOU@@ب ASTU c@ TS ަU !

f (cdpnk...@...)

qcS c aAc (cɮ-46)

qcS aAc AS-@-AS gU ha |

f (cdpnk...@...)

TAU S w\ ̩S Pcwf (cɮ-46)

OTl@ UZ | gU Uwa | A@ا UZ@ AAOA ST @q ? jS UZ A@ ~w A@rg̩f ަ۩T ?

f (cdpnk...@...)

UZ@ AAOA jZS cS | FJ, qASq AAS | -- ɰ@

ASdT Oncf gTH@AAS g\ A^.. (cɮ-46)

j ~oH UZ ! Oɳ-ca @ O AaU ? jS ~ UZ @c c ?

f (cdpnk...@...)

U TBT gTH@AAS A@^ ... (cɮ-46)

OTl@ UZ U, Zc gU Uwa | v gU, ~S mO ~ gU | j@v BU-C aAc ACS aAc Z U ~ ~S^ ީT |

f (cdpnk...@...)

T^f c Ae-j w\ O˻ ިdK (cɮ-46)

~oH ! ɰ@-Trq, dATA ~oH ! ~S A@ TS S RS ~ A R AO AaU ?!

f (cdpnk...@...)

cBFA gOs SFɮ snf (cɮ-45)

The approach to frame contemporary sociopolitical scenario of West Bengal with a researcher's perception is undoubtedly quite praiseworthy. The work raises expectation for a detailed life style, works, philosophy and perception of Bauls' life at this century. The form of the work, however, is a bit more classic. I enjoyed the first episode of "Jatri" for its social meaningfulness. Best wishes for Debjyoti!

Roddur Roy (roddur.r...@...)

j@ @ j sS SɩS sw A@a I@I@ snf ~U U-- j@T AcrKHTkU@ UZ Zc j@v R s S | UZAv TS U ~c SɩS @ BfcSsXo STU @TS !

cBFAcc@ ~eZF oSFcɰ |

cf (prabirks..@...)

cBFA gOs w\ J@ (cɮ-42)

Zc gU UwU jq w\Av |

B^ @ (jayantakar..@...)

Satyajit Ray's Bibliography

It is a good compliation, however, the book `Feluda One Felda Two' has been missed in the Feluda section.It contains two stories - Napoleon-er Chithi and Ebar kando Kedarnathe.

Biswaroop Ghosh (bishwaroop....@...)

a^ Acv AZ @S AZ (cɮ-45)

-d-H UZ | As usual from Chhanda Bewtra | ~ha a^A, j@v r ~a : AUT ~AU s AxvA@ mvA ~c ~ASUAB m˻ QfF T˻S @AaUS (Chapter-XX, Fall of a Sparrow)v ~B@ AS TS c A@ ?

f OMof (cdpnk...@...)

The author responds:

Sorry for writing in English, Bengali fonts do not work well on mac.

Thank you so much for your kind letters and comments. Re: your question about Salim Ali, yes, you are right. He did kill many birds in order to study them and collect them as specimens. It will be a scandal if anyone did it now. I guess, in those early days, without good close up photographic equipment, it was really difficult to study the birds in detail, classify, draw pictures etc. In fact, John Audubon, the father of American ornithology, the guru of bird watching and conservation, whose exquisitely detailed bird drawings are collectors' items all over the world, he too was a hunter and killed every bird first and then artistically arranged them and hand painted their pictures. The primitive cameras those days would not have allowed such details otherwise. Fortunately, nowadays, there is no need or excuse for such violence.

Here is an interesting quote from Dr. Ali himself on this matter (cited from Wikipedia):

"...it is true that I despise purposeless killing, and regard it as an act of vandalism, deserving the severest condemnation. But my love for birds is not of the sentimental variety. It is essentially aesthetic and scientific, and in some cases may even be pragmatic. For a scientific approach to bird study, it is often necessary to sacrifice a few, ... (and) I have no doubt that but for the methodical collecting of specimens in my earlier years - several thousands, alas - it would have been impossible to advance our taxonomical knowledge of Indian birds ... nor indeed of their geographic distribution, ecology, and bionomics."

Salim Ali (1985):195

With best wishes,

Chhanda Bewtra
(October 9, 2010)

a^ Acv gTH@AAS ~rA^ rA^kH r (cɮ-45)

Zc gU Uwa | AcrK, Rr ZR w\, ~ mg v-j qAɮ |

f OMof (cdpnk...@...)

ATA S mpAOH R S-R cp^ (cɮ-45)

ATA S UZ ~wR Aa -- oS UZU ~Ao@er | UZ vgkAT J BfcS vgkAT cUq TS @A | ~ Acr BS wU | rK ~er @ TA@v cAr ~@KH @a |

f Oncf (dipankardha...@...)


~S jq @UTAv ަ BSF ~AT ~Q @ A@ cɮ-j BSF | j@A@ ~T ~w BSrS@ Z, R ~c AAF@ OZ | i@ T MgwF |

~S (atanuj...@...)

U TBT gTH@AAS A@^ r... (cɮ-45)

Ucc ~w UZU sS ~T ~ gU UwAaU | jv (1T c) jZS ~ɮU gTHc b@q U S ! ~Ao@ eZF@ c-Ae ަ wA dXo @a |

f OMof (cdpnk...@...)

This is a fantastic writing. Bhraman kahini but with a little difference. My best wishes for the author and we expect much more like this from his pen.

Ardhendu Samanta (ardhendu1...@...)

Bfc Oncf wFUA cۨ c Ac U TU (2010) (cɮ-45)

Very nice pictures. It would be helpful if the author added some descriptions with each photo.

Chhanda Bewtra (cbewtra..@...)

sro OMof w\ s c (cɮ-44)

The story by Yashodhara Roychowdhury makes me aware of the inner world of women in our society. Her observation of those women who are closely related to us helps me understand their real identities and their emotional world. I thank the writer for such a good writing.

Kallol Chakraborty (kallol...@...)

U -j w\ ~@c ~A (cɮ-44)

Beautiful description in a story telling style.

S. Majumdar (shreemaj...@...)

Tf S mH: wf Wv@ (cɮ-44)

Great evaluation of the present day trend of Rabindrasangeet. Geeta Ghatak was an outstanding singer with 'parishilita kantha'. Now a days attention to the lyrics falls short and a slow morose style dominates. This is the number one reason for unpopularity of Rabindrasangeet and the singers are the killers. 'Akkhomer balaatkaar' on Rabindrasangeet. The scary thing is that these pseudo singers are teaching Rabindrasangeet to children. Obviously some lyrics are beyond the grasping ability of most artists.

Shree Majumdar (shreem...@...)

TfBS TS-j R @ cI (cɮ-44)

UZ Zc gU | ~SSF aAc ~--o--H ! cg ~SSF, wv qUɮvrFS |!

f OMof (cdpn....@....)

Very touchy writing. Mijan Rahman always writes superbly. This one is much better. It is really pathetic to see how animals were slaughtered during the Qurbani days. This and all ceremonial killings of animals in the name of religion should be stopped.

Many thanks to Mr. Rahman.

Malay Barua (mkb...@....)

I simply liked it. The message is clear. The satire is poignant. Thanks.

Dipankar (dipankardha..@...)

(cɮ-46, 2010)

cɮ-j UZ ~S AOA^ T^cF iS

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