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Dr. Nag has been doing an excellent job. Contratulations to the author for writing this article, the subject does provide a challenge. I wish to meet with Dr. Nag and want to get involved with him for any social work.

Ashok Kumar Biswas (seceng6@........)

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So real ..........

Arindam Chatterjee (arindam_chat@....)

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Great Writing.

Bilap Khan (zikhan@....)

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Manosh Chowdhury is one of the leading anthropologists of Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, and he used to specialise in womens' studies. His writings published serially in `Parabaas' may give an adequate criticism of the advertisement system in West Bengal, or what a Bengali thinks of the household and the book-market in Kolkata. It may be liked by the anthropologists and political scientists in Kolkata, who are committed to the cause of humanism.

Abanti Adhikari (adhikari_abanti@....)

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AXo˻ TZoF (siddhartha_mukherjee_02@....)

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Ivy Chatterjee's pen is a mighty pen. Ivy has touched many facets of growing to a towering personality from nothing. I wonder, being in the thick of writing, why I haven't read Ivy's writings before!!!

It's a soul stirring piece. Please convey my thanks to Ivy for creating such great piece.

Suprateek (argee31@....)

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Very touchy, I am familiar with the author's writings that always illustrate the picture inside one's heart. He also does it in such a soft way that we the readers arrive at the scenario very subtly without knowing how and when we went there. That is why I love his writings. This story touched my heart, it brought rain into my room as well.

Nahid Rianon (nrianon@.....)

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@cf wS (kgayenbd@....)

very good writing!

Reshad (reshad@....)

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The article is really wonderful. Lots of things to know and learn. Thanks Parabaas!!

Sirajus Salekin (sirajus_salekin@....)

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~T Tf (amarmudi@.....)

It is a very well written piece. Very accurate profile of Sandipon.

Diptimoy (dipitimoy@....)

~oH !!

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AAT (roy_rimi@....)

Extremely nice!!

Sanjoy Bhowal (sbhawal@....)

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U (rahul.guha@....)

Well written short story. I liked it more because much of the story's content matched with my own life experiences. I am the only son of my parents too and my marriage was "arranged" as well.

The ending is accurate-- mother-in-law and daugther-in-law are indeed parallel, never destined to meet...Any effort to make them converge only causes the train to derail.

Saptarshi Chakraborty (saptarshi_chakra....@...)

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I was stunned by the touching tale of Phanishwarnath Renu. Simple life of rural Bihar and the grass root values amidst poverty and struggle is depicted with so few words, is really unthinkable. Renu is really a great artist who has the impartial way of creating characters with delicate touches in rural Bihar. He brings life to those of our almost forgotten ways. And the translation by Dolonchampa Chakravarty also lived upto the occassion and truly narrated the feelings of Hargovin and his values as Renu wanted. Thanks to her for choosing such a rare creation of a powerful artist whom I think the modern era has failed to give proper tribute. I would expect more like this from her.

After reading "Maila Anchal", I became an ardent fan of Renu and take this opportunity to congratulate everybody who are responsible for bringing out the rare collections of Phanishwarnath Renu.

This kind of noble effort proves that there will be no dearth of appreciation of true literary work transcending time, space and distance.

Dipayan Sanyal (sanyald@....)

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dH UZ ! jq@T UZ ASAT ަ Oq |

~A^T Oncf (arindamchakrabarti_kol@...)

The story is good. But the end was so easy. There could be more climax at the end.

Subhasis Mukherjee (subhasis_s60@.....)

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It is well composed but too short. Wish you write a little bigger page about the man, who was always in the mid of controversy but honest and staight in expressing his opinion.

Thank you,

Subrata Ghosh (subrata_ghosh24@....)

(cɮ-38, BSA, 2007)

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