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US drf (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Very good, excellent, enjoyable. We need to read more of this type of stories.

Khan Akram (akhossain@hotmail.com)

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An excellent piece of writing based on real facts. These are the saga of emotions and dedication of which a Bangladeshi will be proud of for ever. Thanks to Harris Mahmud and Parabaas for this story.

Prasanto Chatterjee (S7885@STUDENT.ALPHABETA.EDU.AU)

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Simply beautiful!

Rajashree Upadhyay (tcscal.co.in)

Very nice to see your site. I loved this story.

Sanjay Bhawal (sbhawal@fsm.ac.in)

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f (suc14@pitt.edu)

5 U ɦ -- TfSQf

I like Mrs. Datta's recollections. These are minutely documented, full of affectioante sentimenst, and passinately touches the reader's heart. These depict her life, and more than that, her time very well. I congratulate her for her powerful and passioante prose.

A. Quadir (emdoot@gol.com)

Wonderful. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Only complaint, the article includes no picture of Gauri and Abu Sayeed Ayub. Could it be added?

Hasan Ferdous (ferdous@un.org)

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f WK (diipankar@hotmail.com)

It was a very intimate and sentimental piece to read. I did not know that Sudhindranath Datta was related to Amarendranath Datta. Anyway, besides that, the whole writing brings us back to a bygone era of literacy, culture and of an atmosphere when a person was valued for the grace of Maa Saraswati than that of Maa Lakshmi (who has eluded the Bengalis in general to bestow on them the blessing of her learned sister). This is the first time I have opened Parabaas which has some good reading material at this far off place where books are prohibitively costly.

R. Banerji (ranjanbanerji04@indiatimes.com)

cɩF -- cAH Oncf


Angshuman (aguha@microsoft.com)

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US drf (lrishdi...)

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Sudipta Bhaumik (sudipta_mintu@rediffmail.com)

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@UTW بU -- AO̵S c

JOUf AaUT, ~ jq @UTW بU ަAa | dH gU Uwa | ^ cUfU @r ! Creative writing indeed! Best wishes!

Buddhadev Mukherjee (mukherjee@kvi.nl)

Ae@ A A@^ -- ~T^S Oncf

I liked this travelogue. Will be waiting for the next part. Thank you writer, thank you Him-Aloy Mountaineering Club, Thanks Parabaas.

Abdullah Khan (ecoamkx@langate.gsu.edu)

@بAO -- US drf

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c ~wAmvS wTB (augustine.gome@ncr.com)

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