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w BSA T @بA UUS A@ TB R ArUq @بAicA Z ~S UZ @ c c TS ~ɮAaU | BFATrq ~S@ cUaS Jq-A@ ~oFAL@ ^r U J T@T; ~T @ػf R qAS cBS c^Ψ J @^m w@ T@T cUS | ~S@ c c oSFcɰ jq BSF s ~AS j@v rN o Bwl WA ~S TBv q S ; ~T cArAU BTqcc rf TpHU S ~S UZ AO @S ~T | AAS ~ qBw Sq c Rq TBv Z waS | ~AS gU @cS ; BFAgkKH UZ ZJB ަc ~S MU |

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rATU (roypommot...@.....)

cBFA gOs w\ ԮJ@ (cɮ-42)

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˻ Oncf ԰Av @Ac (cɮ-42)

~S@AS ˻ Oncf UZ gU UwU | <> AcrK @ Sf o wa T j@ TS aJ wU | <> US drf (Lunrushdi...@.....)

~dHg TArc aAc (cɮ-4o)

aAcAU Zcq ^ | TArcɰ-j j AA@ mީF ~a ~S@q BS S | Z Zc gU UwU | <> @@AU ATn (kakoli.mitra...@.....)

@MAr@ S-j ~AOA@l qAɮ (cɮ-42)

~oH | @MAr@cc@ ~eZF oSFcɰ |-- j o: @ Bgc v r AOA@l U U oaS | ~S@ A@a BS UT, ~T TS s ~TA@ R g̩, rq AOA@l F TUa | qjj- U g @R Z TS U ~T |

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gU UwAS | ~B@U@ c SFɮ d ~S@ Fr AS, rK c A, @S UAB@U @SFrS AcS |

cAr Oncf (devachakra...@.....)

f ATn AS q@ػ A\T lc 2008 (cɮ-42)

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c, Rq aAcAv ST Bw S Bw g ? A@^, aAcAv pA ATn ~AgS @TS UwU AUZUS S ?

f OMof (cdpnkr@...@.....)

sro OMof UcU @Ac (cɮ-42)

Zc gU | c, ceU @Ac ԮTIU ? cr, cr, qB. | ^먽 @, ~ ^먽 @ |

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j@T ~AU @Ac ~rff (cɮ-42)

Zc gU Uwa | ~ UZ Oq |

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Tf S c^ cXoc c A ~oAS@ ceU @Ac emAH@ ig (c.c. Acgw)

Tf Sw ~UOSAv gU UwU | cr A@a Ac@ Aa jq cqAv @S @Ac @S mS SAS c aS en^ | Tf S pA jce AcO q ~UOS SS Av Zc gU UwU |

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Tfcc UZAv ~oH Uwa |

j@ AASAo-mSf @cF-e@US AccS j-S ިSި AcO -- gcvq ~SSF |

A@ا j@v r : cXo J e@US @U@ɩ c AEOTc cq @S @Ac@ @ذO mS SAS @S ? AEOTc cq A@ @S cCAU @Ac AUZ BSS S ? ceUrR @S @Ac STTn Sq @S? cc T, @Ac wU A@ c @Ac-An@ ɴ-j a @v BdA AaU ?

f OMof (cdpnkr@...@.....)

Nandini Gupta's translation `The Land Where I Found It All' (Buddhadeva Bose Section)

Actually this is to tell you how much I love your site. I am a South Indian who was brought up in Bengal. Your site subtly embodies that very culture that Budhadeva Bose speaks of when he describes Santiniketan in an inimitable manner. Thanks for being there, parabaas.com - I am so grateful.

Lata Iyer (lathamaha@....)

I would like to know if you are going to continue the chapters (at the end, it says "To be continued") in the subsequent issues of parabaas. I grew up in a non-Bengali environment in Madhya Pradesh, and as such my Bengali is very poor - I never learnt it formally. However, I can read Bengali quite well, and have books by Rabindranath as well as an account of his life. Still, I have to look for difficult or unknown words in a dictionary. A Bengali-English dictionary would help, but I cant find one. They are probably available in India and England. I have been living outside India for the past 46 years.I find your e-mails interesting and useful to read with the little time that I can spare in my other activities.

Asit Choudhuri (asit..@.....)

TfSQf c^ ArcSH

ArcSH c c^ Aa r An@ A@ا TSK ArcSH @ TfSQf c^ Zc gU UwU | AXo cA^@ OAn ~SFA@AU UZ@ @UT B R cUfU w\\ cU gA ^ @ o a |

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AcS U-j TUOS : cCUST (cɮ-41)

wcaq r An@ ocA@gc ަ S OMof cCUST ~c @ AcS U pA A ZUT jce Zc gU UwU | AA@ @UT F jce ~eZF OAn T^ w Ri ̮ cqAv TUOS B @B S | q @AiS @TAv UZ@ AcS U s ~Sɮ gA @aS ~Sc F | ʩ S OMof T^S ~c gfTA OA̩OOɻ cqAv F Aa jce gcAa TSK j A@R S !

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q^SfU r w\ Ac R w (cɮ-41)

Zcq ^ Uwa | cAi AcK, A@ا SS ~A@ @Ar } cr | cɮ-j jTS Acrɮ-w^f OS ~rq @AAS, @H cɮ U ~TA@-cɮf hO-FUABfcf ~qAv rSFU An@ |

s-@, A@ا AcFɮw-Trq @ AR @S @S AS ~ Tec Z @ AQHr sSAS ? T@pGc ~S@@ AS ABɮR @AaUS | ~ɮU, @T c S gA-- j-Ac@ػ rK Sq | jS BS jq q Ag^ Ag^ A@ AaUS A@ S |

q^SfU A@ا AUZaS cr | rK Rq cAU@ m ~wTS ZFSv A@ @\S ? q^SfU q-TU U ɮA RS@q ABڮ @A |

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rr©f gOs w\ K ~U (cɮ-41)

rr©f gOs UZ K ~U ަUT | UAZ@ UZ ɩ gU A@ا w\v j@v Acv gU ~a | rgw T s cݮ 18 (T O@A 18 ca c | ިAUr O@A, r Acgw ) cݮ jZS 90 s @f @ ? ~v j@v wUTU sha S ?

ATArZ (himadrishekhar...@.....)

UZ@ :

T nUZ@@ oSFcɰ, UZv TS A j@T j@v ~A@ gU o BSF | Rv ~Ar ca c, aUAU cc-T cݮ Bɦ eZF cU @ UQ @aS ASEOq | c FJ, cO SfAS@ ~AT cAr K AAha S, cc cݮ SNcq OUU cUa cU, j@ ~S@ A@a TUha, j@v gU @ Ua, wMc^ j@ r@ jAw Aa, AS ATv@ s@ cU, R @a cc cݮ j@r @بAR |

cc Ae c^ "ceU ~ɡAU@ @Ac : ceU U@خoH @Ac"(cɮ-41)

~AT j@BS SwA@ i@, ~ɰF^ BfcS r @va, ZJAv U@خAF AS S rkSF @a@Aa | ~r AaU jq UZ A@a SS @ BS sc | UZ@ UZ ɩ AS r UAa S, A@ا j-UZ s SwA@ @A^@ة TUOS @a, R i a j-@ cU UT S | q re@ ~ BATfS, j cq o Osɻް ~ cf^S | s ~cAU @Ac AS jq UZ, @Ac XopA kmS, ST\UZR UT S ! BS wU s jq-@Ac gK ceU TkU @Ac US ~S@ cAr TpXo, A@ا UZ rK s 20-UqS @Ac UT cSq, cFU@AS qFA ~-ceU rN ~ cc-AF A Ac aɦ ~ A@a ZJB R wU S | TvJAv R ZU cU@ AS haɮ T^ S, A@ا j cmv A@ Zc ~AABSU ? r@ب^U@R AH ~ U\T jq Bɩfs A@a ATSA BASAaU S @HTAS ~rT ?

sA mofS Kv ca R TkU empA cU oTn SwA@ ToFAc empA@q cI, c g o SwA@ @Ac c i@q S, wcK@ R TUO@R cv | i@ Ac jq ~So @ A, cc-AF TUOS Ac (s@ ToFAc cU @H Ai@ cIUT S, c ~SF ) j-UZ AXfgw AUZS jq @Ac @, J ST R UZ T, s U@خAF s ~ gU ~ i@ SB ~ |

BAK cS (rajarshideb...@.....)

cɮ -- oH T^cF

cɮ-j i@@بU eZF, ~STS @ s, ~S@ | j UZU wަ۩ Zc WS jce ecf | jce An@v Z ~@KHf R @s@f } A@ا AOAin Acgw Tv Zcq TSF, ASAy | j@v m , sA i@@بU TS A@a Sq cU OS, ~T UZ@q j- UZ AS @cɩ cAU | dAOco rɮS ABASKv gU Z S cv, A@ا ިJABc jq @U ASB A jce @SFT R Z A@a S | ~T gc Z A |

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TS (manosjchowdhury@.....)

~U@ c^ cf^S R TS^ OoF (cɮ-40)

TS^ OoF ~U@ UZ ަ dH UwU | j@T UZ ~ Oq |

q^SfU r (indranil_dg@.....)

Zc ^ UZ | Zc gU Uwa |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

@MAr@ S-j c^ wAAc cJOR (cɮ-40)

A@a AO^ @cS S, ~T HFAݩ wAa | c TcqU S ~ cq @AvS @q ~ @AS @ި@ OS | ~FSAR FrS sc ...

ToFAc Ac @A˩ aU-T HFAݩ sc ; ~ ~@ػv-j ɬqU-j AUZc AAnA SA@ vS-~ @ | O@O@ ABASr Z ~ WAT @Av c cq | A@a AO^ @cS S |

UZv BSfݩ ~a ; A@ا AB-AvAg S-Z UZv ަ Aw c T S U |

rTf@ S (samikn@.....)

˻ Oncf @Ac ԩ޻H (cɮ-40)

FSvɮAv@ |

Ac (bishub@.....)

AO^S @بШ @AcUS (cɮ-40)

In the issue #40, I liked 'kabi-sammelan' by Chirantan Kundu very much. I want to know if this can be printed in any other local paper?

Also, the link to the feedback section of issue #40 is not opening up. All the 'k' letters are coming as @ symbol. Is there any fix available for this problem?

Tultul Chakraborty (ctultul@.....)

~S@ UZAv ~SFn aS cF ~Uɰgc BSc | UZ ަ s ~Aco AhaU v ~r @A o Aa | -- ɰ@

dH Uwa |

SfUA Oncf (niladri.pappun@.....)

j@ ~oH UZ | RJ UZ sq A q To sAha | TAO pb ްQ ; cc S BAS ~ @ UT S | ~T ASB A@a @ S UR RS@ oSFcɰ | sAS ~T W S^fwT @ S-ަa.. @ ަcq.. ~T ZS Դ^ cT^ BwS wqc | sAS ASB qhaT ASB @ cU Aa, AS AO^S @بШ@, ~ɮS ~T cq ATU T˻S @A | sAS v c S, v Z sc BSF cJO @ c S, jvq ~r...

T (samudra.duttagupta@.....)

Zc gU a |

˻ i@ (ppathak@.....)

FSvɮAv@ |

Brf r (jayashridg@.....)

sro OMof @Ac jq Tk @Ac (cɮ-40)

sA cAU, 90-j r@ @ ~B ~cAo sro j@vq fW @Ac AUZ OUaS, gU cU c S v | HFAݩ pAcf j@ ocA@ nAS@U ia sS @AcAU | SwA@ AO^ ~ rN TAU ɮA i ~ @Ac gK | qeAB ~ AA^ rN ATrH j@ AcrK rNAO ~ T A PA @Ac @MAH@ gK-rf | ~, q gK ASg @ i ~ jq T TSK nTr: fW Ri a, AS:ʩ, ިdK R Sf@ػ X^ BAvU, kH | jq c ToF A nTr: c-Ri j@ oS ~ɩ AASABT sS @Ac | q ~SAcU | @S ~ɦU BS S @Ac | j@ ~SAcU hOH, charged with a meaning sS @Ac Ri | A@ا ~c q ~ɩ ~Acr ~^U cq @ TSAc@ة j@ O ɩ j@BS A^ i@ pA j S | jq Tk @Ac sS sro q fW @Ac-nAS@U-Av ɲA@ c | jq @Ac ~@v AAS hOH @ S @Ac fAT pA @ | cUS -- ~T UZ gkAT@ @a S ~B jq ~T/HFS AUAZ o, AUAZ S Acr ~cQ-- sAR ~T i@, fAT q TqnmA@ pA ~S @TS sq jq pAcf cpl On^AU wgf a, AcrcFf sXo c HFS T TTf ~ZAU Zc |

˻AT WK (mail_partha23@.....)

cBFA gOs w\ cScf

rfcBFA gOs cScf a w\, ^ w\ ; ިS AS SmvUAB@ BAw U | j@ZAS ACS aAc @U gU |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

fQ BU ~T ~Ue@@ j@v cAr cFm aS ! A@ا LLR ~m ~m aAc sw @ ha--cScf-Aq d @ U | -- ɰ@

AO^S @بШ @Ac S ceU

Zcq Tswf a | jv cr gU UwU | c B @ަ @ ? cUUR sZS U-ASvS ~ S, j ^ PrA\@ AcrS @v Sɦ cS TTSF B ! sAR ԮempA SAa B !

jTS ~ cAU UZ Oq |

~So @c ޮf TAU@-@ AS @Ac ~ɮ@ cɮ-j |

c rK, ~AgS^S AO^S |

~AABl wʨAU (arigan@.....)

~oH Uwa AO^S @بШ @Ac S ceU |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

a^ Acv gTH@AAS wFUw @@AS

I am very much impressed with the content of this write up. The literature is beautiful and descriptive. It is also an important writing for students and researchers. I wish to read many such articles.

Best wishes,

Tapan K. Chaudhuri (tapan@........)

~AT ̵S c ~S^ ~FSvAT

Excellent. Full of Knowledge and information. Style of writing is also appreciable. I liked it very much. This type of writing should be promoted by us to make the common people more and more concious.

Atanu Bhattacharjee (atanu@.ppc......)

wMf w\ @dH-@ATSf

Many, many thanks for this perfect story.

Milon Khan(milon.khan.81@....)

cBFA gOs w\ ԴBU j@ IJ@

Zc gU |

~T (ahmeed@....)

PrUS @-j ocA@ SFɮ oecrK

ަ gU Uwa | UZ PrUf Ag^ oS | aAcAvR gU |

BBFA (chakraj..@....)

sro OMof w\ ~ASA^

Too good and inherently elaborated

Arindam C. (arindam_chat@....)

@cf wS-j w\ q a ըAv

@cf wS-j c^ ~oH BST, w\ UZR s j ̰rf BS AaU S | j@ @s ~oH ~SgkA a -- ~AT ~T T BfcS A@ W @UT, q -- j@q w\, BfcS @a @fgc BfcS rK @aS ~T v A@sR AZAS | OZ ZU BSF oSFcɰ | @cf wS ~ UZ ަ Oq | UZ@ jce cɮ, g@q oSFcɰ ... ~T TF @U ~AT j@v AUT cSɩT jq w\v AS |

SɮfS ~Z (nasrinakh...@....)

gAcsa, @JAsa, Aa |
~of @Aa |

UZ@ S ɩ-@UT @ |

@MAr@ ~T (koushikahmd@...)

R̬بU ! ~S@AS j@v w\ ަUT s A@aQH gAca |

Tɮ@ UAS (salehin@...)

Srf Oncf w\ ԮWS wS An

w\Av gU UwU | UZ@ @ ~Ue@HR cr ^ |


cAH Oncf w\ cS

cɮ-j @Ar cAH Oncf s c w\q ~AT Aa | cU wU ~AT ~AT j@@ RS UZ g | c qASe @Ar 4-5v w\ -oS vS ~Sgc @Aa S | sTS jq cS w\Av dAv OTl@ UR Ai@gc sS rK U S | av TAv ~erv sS ~ j@Av ~SF w\ scA a cU TS |

~AT c ~T T ~ ~S@q UZ@ @a @ 6-7 ca ~w ަ ZJAv, US ARU, c ԮfT^ sXo T w\ ~ ~r @Aa |



@\ީd (kalpataru..@....)

(cɮ-41, 2008)

cɮ-j UZ ~S AOA^ T^cF iS

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