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  • পরবাস | Buddhadeva Bose | Poem
  • Morning in Chilka : Buddhadeva Bose
    translated from Bengali to English by Ketaki Kushari Dyson

    Ah, how very happy I have felt this morning –
        how can I say it!

    How spotlessly blue is this sky, how unbearably beautiful,
    like a master singer’s raga variations spreading unrestrained
        horizon to horizon!

    Ah, how good I’ve felt gazing at this sky –
    green hills curving all around, hazy in the mist,
        Chilka glinting in the middle.

    You came over, sat by me awhile, then strolled to the other side
    to see the train that had come and stopped at the station.
    The train left. – How much I love you –
        how can I say it!

    The sun floods the sky, dazzles the eyes.
    The cows graze with total attention – how tranquil!
    – Had you ever thought – coming here, beside this lake we would find
        what we hadn’t found so long?

    The silvery water lies dreaming, while all the sky
    streams on its bosom in a flow of blue
    with the sun’s kisses. – That here a gorgeous rainbow would blaze
    circling the ocean of your blood and mine –
        had you ever imagined it?

    Yesterday sailing on the Chilka we had seen
    two butterflies coming along – flying over the water
    for such a long distance. – How bold! You’d laughed,
        and how I had loved

    that wonderful, radiant happiness of yours! See, see
    how blue this sky is. – And in your eyes tremble
    so many skies, deaths, new births –
        how can I say it!

    (from "The Selected Poems of Buddhadeva Bose", Translated and Introduced by Ketaki Kushari Dyson, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2003.)
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