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  • God : Bonophul
    translated from Bengali to English by Nita Das

    The tigers were becoming a nuisance. And man was becoming increasingly anxious. Cows and calves, and eventually even humans were falling prey. Finally, armed with lathis, spears, lances, and guns man killed the tiger. But as one was killed, another surfaced. At last, man turned to God and appealed to Him –
    “God, please save us from the tigers”.
    God answered – “So be it”.

    Soon after, the tigers arrived in the courts of God and put forth their grievances – “We are being harassed by men; we are forced deeper and deeper into the woods. But there is no respite from the hunters. We urge You to take measures.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    Soon enough, Nayra’s mother implored Him –“God, may my Nayra get a lovely bride. Your Honor, I will make you an offering of sweets, worth five paisa.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    On his way to the law court, Harihar Bhattacharya addressed God –“All my life, I have worshipped You. I have emaciated my body fasting for You. I want to settle a score with that darn nephew of mine. Please help me.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    Sushil prayed daily –“God, let me pass the exams.” This time he asked, “If you help me get a scholarship, I promise to give an offering of batasha(sweets) worth five rupees.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    Haren Purkayastha aspired to become the chairman of the District Board. He urged Kalee, the priest, to submit his request to God so he may win eleven votes. Kalee, after extorting a hefty fee, and fervently chanting the wrong Sanskrit mantras, made God so irked up that He acquiesced –“So be it; so be it.”

    Folding his two hands in prayer, the farmer beseeched, “Almighty, please give us rain”. Again, God replied –“So be it.”

    Mother of a sick child asked, ”Oh God, please do not take away my only child from me.” God replied “So be it.”

    The next door neighbor, aunt Khenti complained about the mother,”Almighty, the woman is too haughty. She flaunts her jewellery, and thinks no end of herself. Grab her son by the throat and teach the darn woman a lesson.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    The philosopher said,”Dear God, I want to understand You.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    A resounding request came across from China,”Please save us from the Japanese, Lord!”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    A young writer from Bengal insisted,”The editors are not publishing any of my writings. I would like ‘Probashi’ to publish my writings. Please ask Ramananda Babu to be kind to me.”
    God replied –“So be it.”

    God managed to grab a free moment and asked Brahma, who sat nearby,”Do You happen to have pure mustard oil in Your abode?”
    Brahma replied,”Yes, why?”
    God – “I need a little, can You give me some?”
    Brahma – “Of course, of course.”

    The mustard oil arrived from Brahma’s abode. Immediately, God applied a drop in each nostril and fell into a deep sleep.

    He has been asleep ever since.

    Published in Parabaas, June, 2012. We gratefully acknowledge Mr. Mahiruha Mukhopadhyay for granting us permission to publish this translation.

    The original story Bidhata (বিধাতা) by "Bonophul" is included in বনফুলের শ্রেষ্ঠ গল্প ('Best stories of Bonophul') (Banishilpa, Kolkata).

    অলংকরণ (Artwork) : Ananya Das
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