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New Additions:
More poems of Mohammad Rafiq  translated by Prasenjit Gupta:

"at every instant, this possibility remains:

instead of one footfall, another footfall.
to jump the fence of a particular simile, metaphor, or symbol
and find some other unknown style, meter, or tempo......."

Bathroom  Hanne Ruth-Thompson translates Buddhadeva Bose's article from original Bangla— "Some of my opponents have at times referred to my writings as bathroom literature. In their minds bathrooms are associated with dirt and by saying this they want to express their heartfelt contempt for me. But sometimes the truth comes out by accident. Sometimes when we want to say one thing we end up saying the exact opposite. Clearly if my writings are bathroom literature then they must have some value..."

Two reviews, by Kathleen M. O'Connell and Uma Dasgupta respectively, of Tagore's Raktakarabi— translated and adapted by Nupur Gangopadhyay Lahiri as Red Oleanders.

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R S R cp^ - AcKɰcpQ, vJ ްcAU, oSAAXo H@, ASyɰ ~HF qFA c reA w^ UZ@ ATA Sw mpAOH :

(1T c); (2 c);
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oecrK - PrUS @ --TI WT gC wU il | TrA jZS RZS U | ~Uq | BSU cq OJ | j@v rN ~ɮa | j@c AIT oS | sS ~F^ wS PA ha @ش | rNv Bw ic Ai@ | Tm ~@rvq ST ~ɮc | ...

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j@ SM@ snf - AcS U " j@c BfcS j, 2002 sZS AAS PAS@ n Acc ɩ Sc^ WK ~L@S c AhaU ZS ~w BT AhaU, jZS j@ SM@ snf ST@ AcrU w^Av AS AFq ~EOs s ..." (Sc^ WK j@ SM@ snf TUOS)

AOAl @Ac lc - sro OMof " Urި BSA^@ AOAl @Ac lc ~@, BSA^@ AUvU TFwABS ɰ@ @Ac oS cqA j@ZS vU vS UB UB gc @ cq, AcZFɩ ~cpA@ SfU ɳ R Ai O cUUS, cU oS, Urި ~T T @U@ɩ cAXoBfcf jS @TS Uwa ? ..."

cA mިH - dS c^FoF " SFɮ sZS d U, AZ TS PcGcf AvAS UwS aJ Rq OAv WKv WKv OUa | TBA j@ j@ OUS ~ To@f | gf ~ ZZ @i To S @ sZS ..." (AUɫT TBT Bv-j TUOS)

~AOA@l qAɮ - @MAr@ S " j wU Ar ~AOA@l @ | @A˩ ^ AS, s U wɰ q-j-j, ~cmv A@ ? ~S@ T jZSR W̩ ~AOA@l OUa | ..."


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~U@cU@ ɩAOAi - Pcks gOs
Av @Ac - ˻ Oncf
cKɻǩ wS - Acgɮ OMof
~rff - j@T ~AU
AީpAcw - @MAr@ S
Av @Ac - Sn c
OU, c sq - AS@f i@ب
ATAS - m
UcU @Ac - sro OMof

J@ - cBFA gOs j S ~fS il j@AS @UcU j@v ~Xg @ cU cU | dAv@A ZAhaUT BS ATU c^ c | ~SFTSmgc dAv AaJ AaJ R il AcAc @ cUU, ~T T A@ خɻ ! ..."

aUAv WT^ - ~A^T woF "aUAv WT^ BAa AS Aީ@,"
ɩ v U j@v Tc^ @ @ ~Sgc AS WT gC wU | Bw i Z @ ~ A@a S, vcU ɩv c@ j a | Aw aU WT^ rA^ aAc U TS s j@Av ިS @Ac j@an | A@ا jQn Aީq A@ AS ? ..."

cAU - cAH Oncf @QS S - cT vU j@v | O@A @ ݮ Bw @ wU j@v @ @ | ZAU @ZS Aw T PA OhOA Zc ~ cM j OJTZ Zc gcU OU S | s cUAa q @dS | R@ FT @ j@ذT c^ @dS | ..."

@mvA@ AZ ZJB - a^ OoF Acv "c ~T @a c@ ~@ػKSf U @mvA@ 850 @T AZ s AUmv aɦ ST TS Zq TrA@U - AAr @T vFSB, O^ @T ATecɦ, ޡr@T Vq@FO qFA qFA | F@AS ZT AAr OA\UrAv j@cq SS S-Z AZ ! ..."

cMXo f˻ S - dS c^FoF " cQ| SFwo ˻S TSB @US | AST O@ j@AS W j JU j@ wgcf TpwT TS | TpwB @a ~So @U ^S B^s^ @ T R @ | ..."

SZ޻H (AcB-AAB pf w\) - gcgkA gOs "@ AhaU FA@e AS |
S, AcB Zɮw\ ~ɮ S, fAT ~A TASe ATAve | AS jZS ~T TBAUr AcB SS, TkATS c rfAcBSAcf @ ! RJS Ocq ATAve | AcK : FA@e, jce ~v@ @AiS լRU cSS | ..."

ST cU - ~SSF ɮ >" "STɻ, ~AT Ai@ @Aa ~T STv \v Uc !"
"AF ! A@ا @S ?"
"~T STv@ @ش jZS Ai@ @ cU S, \v Z | @U@ AS o AcU ~T@ Uɮ Uɮ cUa | s ST@ Rq @T Z @ R s q ST Z @SR Ug Sq !" ..."

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