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New Additions:
  Read the 'title chapter' of Buddhadeva Bose's classic memoir Sab Peyechhir Deshe, being serialized in Parabaas. Translated by Nandini Gupta: The land where I found it all
"When we got to Santiniketan, one simple fact hit us. Amazed, we recognised we were Indians. In our day-to-day life, this fact remains merely incidental. Europeans exhibit distinct European characteristics, is there a distinctive Indian character?..."

  In Phalgun, One NightHannele Pohjanmies had a fictional encounter with Buddhadeva Bose in the woods of Finland. A conversation ensues which brings out the state of Tagore studies in Finland. Also included in the article are three songs of Tagore, translated into Finnish by the author, and a bibliography of works of Tagore available in Finnish.

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Recent Additions:
Two short stories of Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, translated by Nilanjan Bhattacharya:
Nishikanta in the rain — -- "It had been raining like crazy for the past several days. Raindrops were erupting out of the sky like thousands of millions of bubbles bubbles that ..."

Look at me — -- "Please look at me, just once. Here I am, standing squashed in a corner. I got on the bus a little while ago, barely finding myself a toehold -..."

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cJO @ Bwv nTr av ~ɮAaU ~T | Av. Ag, AB, ~US, Ae vAcU, ~UTA, c@-rU, ɬ v ~R ~S@, ~S@A@a, AU AU @ s ~T W Bw @ ASAaU, ..."

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~^@ s^W @ j@v \@ A rN g jU | - AT gca av-c-TIA jU JU O@ Acn Ai@i@ W sc jA jA ? @S@T SB̰A-@بTA aɦq ? ~FJ ? ..."

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