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rr©f gOs UZ K ~U ަUT | UAZ@ UZ ɩ gU A@ا w\v j@v Acv gU ~a | rgw T s cݮ 18 (T O@A 18 ca c | ިAUr O@A, r Acgw ) cݮ jZS 90 s @f @ ? ~v j@v wUTU sha S ?

ATArZ (himadrishekhar...@.....)

UZ@ :

T nUZ@@ oSFcɰ, UZv TS A j@T j@v ~A@ gU o BSF | Rv ~Ar ca c, aUAU cc-T cݮ Bɦ eZF cU @ UQ @aS ASEOq | c FJ, cO SfAS@ ~AT cAr K AAha S, cc cݮ SNcq OUU cUa cU, j@ ~S@ A@a TUha, j@v gU @ Ua, wMc^ j@ r@ jAw Aa, AS ATv@ s@ cU, R @a cc cݮ j@r @بAR |

cc Ae c^ "ceU ~ɡAU@ @Ac : ceU U@خoH @Ac"(cɮ-41)

~AT j@BS SwA@ i@, ~ɰF^ BfcS r @va, ZJAv U@خAF AS S rkSF @a@Aa | ~r AaU jq UZ A@a SS @ BS sc | UZ@ UZ ɩ AS r UAa S, A@ا j-UZ s SwA@ @A^@ة TUOS @a, R i a j-@ cU UT S | q re@ ~ BATfS, j cq o Osɻް ~ cf^S | s ~cAU @Ac AS jq UZ, @Ac XopA kmS, ST\UZR UT S ! BS wU s jq-@Ac gK ceU TkU @Ac US ~S@ cAr TpXo, A@ا UZ rK s 20-UqS @Ac UT cSq, cFU@AS qFA ~-ceU rN ~ cc-AF A Ac aɦ ~ A@a ZJB R wU S | TvJAv R ZU cU@ AS haɮ T^ S, A@ا j cmv A@ Zc ~AABSU ? r@ب^U@R AH ~ U\T jq Bɩfs A@a ATSA BASAaU S @HTAS ~rT ?

sA mofS Kv ca R TkU empA cU oTn SwA@ ToFAc empA@q cI, c g o SwA@ @Ac c i@q S, wcK@ R TUO@R cv | i@ Ac jq ~So @ A, cc-AF TUOS Ac (s@ ToFAc cU @H Ai@ cIUT S, c ~SF ) j-UZ AXfgw AUZS jq @Ac @, J ST R UZ T, s U@خAF s ~ gU ~ i@ SB ~ |

BAK cS (rajarshideb...@.....)

cɮ -- oH T^cF

cɮ-j i@@بU eZF, ~STS @ s, ~S@ | j UZU wަ۩ Zc WS jce ecf | jce An@v Z ~@KHf R @s@f } A@ا AOAin Acgw Tv Zcq TSF, ASAy | j@v m , sA i@@بU TS A@a Sq cU OS, ~T UZ@q j- UZ AS @cɩ cAU | dAOco rɮS ABASKv gU Z S cv, A@ا ިJABc jq @U ASB A jce @SFT R Z A@a S | ~T gc Z A |

j@^ --

TS (manosjchowdhury@.....)

~U@ c^ cf^S R TS^ OoF (cɮ-40)

TS^ OoF ~U@ UZ ަ dH UwU | j@T UZ ~ Oq |

q^SfU r (indranil_dg@.....)

Zc ^ UZ | Zc gU Uwa |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

@MAr@ S-j c^ wAAc cJOR (cɮ-40)

A@a AO^ @cS S, ~T HFAݩ wAa | c TcqU S ~ cq @AvS @q ~ @AS @ި@ OS | ~FSAR FrS sc ...

ToFAc Ac @A˩ aU-T HFAݩ sc ; ~ ~@ػv-j ɬqU-j AUZc AAnA SA@ vS-~ @ | O@O@ ABASr Z ~ WAT @Av c cq | A@a AO^ @cS S |

UZv BSfݩ ~a ; A@ا AB-AvAg S-Z UZv ަ Aw c T S U |

rTf@ S (samikn@.....)

˻ Oncf @Ac ԩ޻H (cɮ-40)

FSvɮAv@ |

Ac (bishub@.....)

AO^S @بШ @AcUS (cɮ-40)

In the issue #40, I liked 'kabi-sammelan' by Chirantan Kundu very much. I want to know if this can be printed in any other local paper?

Also, the link to the feedback section of issue #40 is not opening up. All the 'k' letters are coming as @ symbol. Is there any fix available for this problem?

Tultul Chakraborty (ctultul@.....)

~S@ UZAv ~SFn aS cF ~Uɰgc BSc | UZ ަ s ~Aco AhaU v ~r @A o Aa | -- ɰ@

dH Uwa |

SfUA Oncf (niladri.pappun@.....)

j@ ~oH UZ | RJ UZ sq A q To sAha | TAO pb ްQ ; cc S BAS ~ @ UT S | ~T ASB A@a @ S UR RS@ oSFcɰ | sAS ~T W S^fwT @ S-ަa.. @ ަcq.. ~T ZS Դ^ cT^ BwS wqc | sAS ASB qhaT ASB @ cU Aa, AS AO^S @بШ@, ~ɮS ~T cq ATU T˻S @A | sAS v c S, v Z sc BSF cJO @ c S, jvq ~r...

T (samudra.duttagupta@.....)

Zc gU a |

˻ i@ (ppathak@.....)

FSvɮAv@ |

Brf r (jayashridg@.....)

sro OMof @Ac jq Tk @Ac (cɮ-40)

sA cAU, 90-j r@ @ ~B ~cAo sro j@vq fW @Ac AUZ OUaS, gU cU c S v | HFAݩ pAcf j@ ocA@ nAS@U ia sS @AcAU | SwA@ AO^ ~ rN TAU ɮA i ~ @Ac gK | qeAB ~ AA^ rN ATrH j@ AcrK rNAO ~ T A PA @Ac @MAH@ gK-rf | ~, q gK ASg @ i ~ jq T TSK nTr: fW Ri a, AS:ʩ, ިdK R Sf@ػ X^ BAvU, kH | jq c ToF A nTr: c-Ri j@ oS ~ɩ AASABT sS @Ac | q ~SAcU | @S ~ɦU BS S @Ac | j@ ~SAcU hOH, charged with a meaning sS @Ac Ri | A@ا ~c q ~ɩ ~Acr ~^U cq @ TSAc@ة j@ O ɩ j@BS A^ i@ pA j S | jq Tk @Ac sS sro q fW @Ac-nAS@U-Av ɲA@ c | jq @Ac ~@v AAS hOH @ S @Ac fAT pA @ | cUS -- ~T UZ gkAT@ @a S ~B jq ~T/HFS AUAZ o, AUAZ S Acr ~cQ-- sAR ~T i@, fAT q TqnmA@ pA ~S @TS sq jq pAcf cpl On^AU wgf a, AcrcFf sXo c HFS T TTf ~ZAU Zc |

˻AT WK (mail_partha23@.....)

cBFA gOs w\ cScf

rfcBFA gOs cScf a w\, ^ w\ ; ިS AS SmvUAB@ BAw U | j@ZAS ACS aAc @U gU |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

fQ BU ~T ~Ue@@ j@v cAr cFm aS ! A@ا LLR ~m ~m aAc sw @ ha--cScf-Aq d @ U | -- ɰ@

AO^S @بШ @Ac S ceU

Zcq Tswf a | jv cr gU UwU | c B @ަ @ ? cUUR sZS U-ASvS ~ S, j ^ PrA\@ AcrS @v Sɦ cS TTSF B ! sAR ԮempA SAa B !

jTS ~ cAU UZ Oq |

~So @c ޮf TAU@-@ AS @Ac ~ɮ@ cɮ-j |

c rK, ~AgS^S AO^S |

~AABl wʨAU (arigan@.....)

~oH Uwa AO^S @بШ @Ac S ceU |

f OMof (cdpnkr@.....)

a^ Acv gTH@AAS wFUw @@AS

I am very much impressed with the content of this write up. The literature is beautiful and descriptive. It is also an important writing for students and researchers. I wish to read many such articles.

Best wishes,

Tapan K. Chaudhuri (tapan@........)

~AT ̵S c ~S^ ~FSvAT

Excellent. Full of Knowledge and information. Style of writing is also appreciable. I liked it very much. This type of writing should be promoted by us to make the common people more and more concious.

Atanu Bhattacharjee (atanu@.ppc......)

wMf w\ @dH-@ATSf

Many, many thanks for this perfect story.

Milon Khan(milon.khan.81@....)

cBFA gOs w\ ԴBU j@ IJ@

Zc gU |

~T (ahmeed@....)

PrUS @-j ocA@ SFɮ oecrK

ަ gU Uwa | UZ PrUf Ag^ oS | aAcAvR gU |

BBFA (chakraj..@....)

sro OMof w\ ~ASA^

Too good and inherently elaborated

Arindam C. (arindam_chat@....)

@cf wS-j w\ q a ըAv

@cf wS-j c^ ~oH BST, w\ UZR s j ̰rf BS AaU S | j@ @s ~oH ~SgkA a -- ~AT ~T T BfcS A@ W @UT, q -- j@q w\, BfcS @a @fgc BfcS rK @aS ~T v A@sR AZAS | OZ ZU BSF oSFcɰ | @cf wS ~ UZ ަ Oq | UZ@ jce cɮ, g@q oSFcɰ ... ~T TF @U ~AT j@v AUT cSɩT jq w\v AS |

SɮfS ~Z (nasrinakh...@....)

gAcsa, @JAsa, Aa |
~of @Aa |

UZ@ S ɩ-@UT @ |

@MAr@ ~T (koushikahmd@...)

R̬بU ! ~S@AS j@v w\ ަUT s A@aQH gAca |

Tɮ@ UAS (salehin@...)

Srf Oncf w\ ԮWS wS An

w\Av gU UwU | UZ@ @ ~Ue@HR cr ^ |


cAH Oncf w\ cS

cɮ-j @Ar cAH Oncf s c w\q ~AT Aa | cU wU ~AT ~AT j@@ RS UZ g | c qASe @Ar 4-5v w\ -oS vS ~Sgc @Aa S | sTS jq cS w\Av dAv OTl@ UR Ai@gc sS rK U S | av TAv ~erv sS ~ j@Av ~SF w\ scA a cU TS |

~AT c ~T T ~ ~S@q UZ@ @a @ 6-7 ca ~w ަ ZJAv, US ARU, c ԮfT^ sXo T w\ ~ ~r @Aa |



@\ީd (kalpataru..@....)

(cɮ-41, 2008)

cɮ-j UZ ~S AOA^ T^cF iS

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