A Forest-Born Poem

Khaled Hossain

Translated from Bangla by Shabnam Nadiya

Torn thunder collapses on to the rain-drenched treetops,
in minute squares the kathbadam tree seeks a certain expression, fragments of an
persona, the conversation of spiders within the moonlight of the heart

Far away
in a fruit shop as unsteady as the deck of a ship
a woman’s bared breast is like the ancient soul of an infant or eyes intent on a flame

Blood or seawater within the breast of slumbering hasnahena-blossoms,
to be taken aback by thirst amid the heart of water
grass slain by a wooden sword
as solitary as a gramophone in a museum.

Published January 20, 2007

The original poem [banaja-kabitaa*] is from a collection titled Shikar Jatrar Ayojon first published in 2005 by Sahitya Bikash, Bangladesh.

Translated by Shabnam Nadiya. Shabnam Nadiya is a writer, poet and translator. Her work has appeared in the anthologies ... (more).

Illustrated by Preeti Mathur. Preeti is based in New Jersey, USA.

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* To learn more about the ITRANS script for Bengali, click here.

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