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Mizan Rahman brought rain to my soul and mind also. I was also drenched in the aroma of soft sensation of love, particularly at my age when these pictures fade away in the distant horizon. Thanks to Mr. Rahman and Parabaas.

Dipen Kundu (kundu@cnpcedi.cn)

For over 15 years I enjoyed Prof. Mizan Rahman's weekly columns in Deshe Bideshe published in Toronto, Canada. Bengali people here, particularly those from West Bengal do not know that Prof. Rahman writes every week columns touching human feelings and secularism....

Ranajit Datta (dattark@msn.com )

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She has dealt with some very serious issues, such as the persecution of the black people in the buses. Hope she will write more on her own experiences on different social problems, during her days when she was residing outside Kolkata.

Abanti Adhikari (adhikari_abanti@vsnl.net)

Read the article, "mukto bak mukto pran" by Nabaneeta Dev Sen. Very nice. I hope we will get more articles from her.

Sanjoy Bhowal, FORE School of Management, New Delhi (sbhawal@fsm.ac.in)

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Good article by Nandan Datta. He reviews the concepts, captures the psychologies and writes them in good light-mooded Bengali.

Arun Saha (saha@cs.ucr.edu)

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Your tribute to MS was very touching. Even though I am from Calcutta,I came to know about her through my friends from South India. Her songs were her offerings to the almighty which is the uniqueness of indian music. The western world is becoming keen everyday to know about India because of its music, carnatic and hindustani-- which is devoted to god. I personally thank you for this excellent obituary on one of Mother India's greatest children.

Atanu sarkar (atanu_uor@yahoo.com)

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