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f (suc14@pitt.edu )

Budhadeva Bose Special

I have enjoyed the special issue on Budhadeva Bose. His significance in Bengali literature is enormous. One of the few books I brought with me to this country about 30 years ago when I left Dhaka was his translation of Kalidass Meghdut, which I still read with great joy.

Long time ago, I remember reading one of his earlier (est?) book, I think entitled Amara Teen Jon, based on his youth in Dhaka. It was romantic, arrogant and absolutely wonderful. I do not see much mention of it, perhaps because it is discounted as a work of an immature author?

Keep up the good work.

Mohsin Siddique (msiddique@aol.com)
Washington D.C. msiddique@aol.com

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Many many thanks for this valuable article which is precious for all literate/Tagorian Bengalees. Please publish articles like this for other famous Rabindra-sangeet singers & specialists like Subhas Chowdhury, Shailaja Majumdar, Kanika Banerjee Debabrata Biswas, Asoketoru, Nilima Sen, Kshitimohan Sen etc.

Lalmohan Manna, (Lmanna9483@aol.com)

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ArAr WK (sisirkumarg@yahoo.com )

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~qAg (ivc4444@hotmail.com )

I just want to say I am a die-hard fan of Sri Roy. I really liked this article. Pl. write & publish more articles of this great artist. I am really delighted to find the mention of the song "Aei moho-aboran". It's really-really un- expressable.

Mousumi Dikpati, (mdikpati@yahoo.com)

PS: I appologise for not writing in Bengali.

I write to express my appreciation of Alaka Datta's piece on Subinoy Roy. Ms.Datta gives very valuable information on the singer and helps us understand his background. Subinoy Roy is one of the gretest exponents of Rabindrasangeet and thanks to Parabaas for featuring an article on him. I have read Ms. Datta's earlier pieces and very much like her style.

P.Roy (prith_r@rediffmail.com)

Thanks to Parabaas for publishing an article on Subinoy Roy, a leading Rabindrasangeet exponent. It is very timely especially because the great artist passed away last January. However, I'm sorry to say that the article is of very low quality -- I'd expect Parabaas to be more careful about the quality of such articles. As such, this article doesn't provide any information about the singer or any insight into what made Subinoy Roy such a great Rabindrasangeet exponent. It does discuss what the author thinks or believes about Subinoy Roy's songs -- however, as a general reader, why should I care about what the author's beliefs are? It's very difficult for me to put into perspective the author's viewpoint because, as a general reader, I don't know why the author qualifies to make some very "generic" remarks about the world of Rabindrasangeet in general. Examples include:

1. "T(N)aar moto uchchashikshito gayak khub kom paoa jaay.": What's the basis of such judgement? How can a singer be judged by how many "degrees" he or she received?

2. "Mone hoy Monchey Ekok Anusthaner Kshetreo t(N)akey keu otikrom kortey pareni." -- Where is the proof? Where are the numbers? Where are the statistics? I'm stunned and speechless about these careless comments made by the author without any supporting evidence.

3. "...tini raindrasangeet jagatey sarbottom sthan odhikar korey nen ebong sangeetacharja obidhaay bhusito hon": Who has decided (or has the authority to decide) the No.1 Rabindrasangeet singer? As a general reader, why should we care about or even be interested to know whether the author believes that Subinoy Roy was the No. 1 Rabindrasangeet singer. Such comments are disrespectful and should be avoided.

Best regards

Subhasish Mitra (subh.mitra@stanfordalumni.org)

~gFm - ~SĨ ri

I know the poet as a friend and schoolmate. This and other poems published earlier in parabaas shows that she has not only maintained her very different yet very strong, touchy and easy rythm but also added maturity and more completeness to her writing. The reader can visualize her poem in his mind - it's like a very nicely drawn picture in water-colour - only the medium is the pen instead of the paint brush. Best wishes to her and also to the parabaas team for publishing this wnderful e-webzine.

Soumik (soumik.bhattacharya@wipro.com

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T TA\U@ (mahua_mroy@yahoo.co.in )

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BAK cS (Rajarshidebnath@yahoo.com )

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rcHf̵S @بШ (sharbani_ranjan@yahoo.co.in)

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AUZ S (tulirekha @yahoo.com)

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S (sayankb@yahoo.com)


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