Bengali Language Resources: Download Parabaas-Axar, a free wordprocessing application for Bengali, Asamiya, Hindi, and Marathi. This works on Windows, Unix, and Mac platforms. Get fonts and word processor to write in these script. Learn about the ITRANS standard for writing Bengali in Roman script.

In the future, this page will include information about more resources and/or links on Bengali language and grammar.

Bengali books in Translation: Bibliography (with short description) of translations of Bengali literary works. This page is currently under construction. However, in the meantime, you can browse through the Parabaas Bookstore for some of the titles that are readily available.

Bengali Authors: Short accounts of life and work of prominent Bengali literary personalities. From here, you can access many articles that are already published in Parabaas. You can also get to know about many of the books published by/on these authors.

Publisher Information: List of all major publishers of Bengali books or books related to Bengal. This page is currently under construction