About Parabaas Translation

Parabaas, Inc. was formed in 1997 to promote Bengali language, literature, and culture on the internet. We have been bringing to our readers Bengali contemporary writing in this emerging medium through our webzine Parabaas. We have published several e-novels and e-plays since then. In February 2001, we started a new section to carry English translations of work by major Bengali authors.

A part of our mission is to develop and standardize cyber-friendly word-processing tools in Bengali and make them freely available to our readers. This effort has naturally expanded itself to include other Indic languages in our scope.

In time we hope to publish translations of Bengali literature into other Indian languages as well as disntictively "Indian" (a term fraught with ambiguities, we know!) writing in English. The actual direction, or the pace of these developments will depend largely on the magnitude of participation from our readers and contributors.

Submitting Articles and Translations

Please read the Copyright Information first.

We are interested in previously unpublished articles: translations of Bengali articles, essays on the process of Bengali (or Indic language) translation, reviews of translations, etc. We assume that you hold the copyright to the material that you would submit to us. In case of material that is already published elsewhere, you need to obtain permission for us so that we can reprint such material. We may work with you to try to receive such permission.

You can send the articles electronically, or by regular mail. Please make sure to include your contact address, and by all means, keep a copy for yourself. We cannot be responsible for articles getting lost in the mail. For translations, you may need to also include copies of the original article in Bengali so that we can review the submissions properly. In some cases, we may have access to the original, so please enquire with us.

We are also interested in pre-publication/post-publication excerpts. All such submissions must again be accompanied with proper permissions from the copyright holder(s).

To submit books for review, you need to send two copies to us. Note that we cannot guarantee that any submitted book will be reviewed. We are planning to create a "Books Received" page where these books , if appropriate, will be featured.

Submitting information related to Bengali Literature

First, please read the Copyright Information section.

If you take a tour through our Books (ex: Murmur in the Woods), Authors (ex: Buddhadeva Bose), or other directories, you will get some idea about the kind of information we are looking for. Please contact us for more details regarding format, etc.

Contact Information

Contact e-mail: parabaas@parabaas.com

Copyright Notice

1. By submitting an article to us, you expressedly assert that you hold the proper rights to the said article. If it is a translation, then you should have the translation right from the author/publisher or other rights owner.
2. You will retain copyright to your article even after it is published by Parabaas. However, you grant Parabaas the right to publish this article in electronic media. Parabaas may distribute this article in different electronic formats and media.
3. You must not republish this article elsewhere in the internet. Other sites are welcome to provide a link to Parabaas or the specific Parabaas page containing your article.
4. You can republish this article in the regular print medium (e.g. in a book) at least 120 days after its publication in Parabaas. However, we expect that you will mention that this article was first published in Parabaas, and provide further details (e.g. Parabaas URL). This is only fair.
5. Parabaas cannot take the responisbility to safeguard your copyright to your article. If someone wants to publish your article, you have full authority to say 'no' to that person.
6. For other information that you submit (e.g. Author description, book information) similar comments apply.
7. Please contact us for more details.


Picture of Buddhadeva Bose is taken from Jiboner Jolchhobi by Protiva Bose (Ananda Publishers); pictures of Sudhindranath Dutta and the covers for Uttor-Phalguni and Orchestra are taken from Sudhindranath Dutter Kabya-Songroho (Dey's); picture of Sankha Ghosh is taken from Ananda Bazar Patrika (online); picture of Sunil Gangopadhyay courtesy Sunil Gangopadhyay.


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