Tilottama Majumdar (b. 1966)

Tilottama Majumdar was born in North Bengal on 11th January 1966.

Her childhood was spent in the tea plantations of Kalachini, where she completed her early educations. In 1985 she came to Kolkata and did her undergraduate work in Scottish Church College. She started writing since 1993. Her first writing was published in 'Unmesh' (উন্মেষ) magazine, in Kalachini. Her elder brother was her first inspiration, although everyone in her family likes to write.

First novel is 'Ri' (ঋ). It was published first in Puja magazine 'Ekaler Raktakarabi' (একালের রক্তকরবী). Later on a collection of stories was published in the same name. Tilottama has written many more, including novels: 'Manush shaboker katha' (মানুষ শাবকের কথা), a serial novel 'Shadharon Mukh' (সাধারণ মুখ) in weekly magazine 'Bhorer Kagaz' (ভোরের কাগজ), 'Bosudhara' (বসুধারা) published in serial form in 'Desh', later published as a book, 'Chander gaaye chand' (চাঁদের গায়ে চাঁদ), first published in Puja magazine Anandabazar Patrika in 1409, and more recently Ektara (একতারা), Amritani (অমৃতানি), Rajpat (রাজপাট), Chandu (চাঁদু), etc. Tilottama also writes poetry in different magazines: 'Jodio Samanyotoro' (যদিও সামান্যতর) is a collection of poems. Professionally, she is employed in the editorial division of Ananda Publishers. She loves to travel and is an excellent singer of Rabindrasangeet.

She has received many awards including Ananda Puraskar, Sailjanananda Smriti Puraskar, Sarat Smriti Puraskar, etc.

Published July, 2012

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