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# Bengali Songs to the Goddess Kali

Published Works by Ramprasad Sen :

Grace and Mercy in Her Wild Hair: Selected Poems to the Mother Goddess, by Ramaprasada Sena, Clinton Seely (Translator), Leonard Nathan (Translator)

Many of his compositions, particularly the 'Shyama-Sangeets' are to be considered as folk literature now. They are available in many forms and in many collections.


  Ramprasad Sen (1720-1781)

"Ramprasad Sen (raamaprasaad sen) Kabira~njan belonged to Kumarhatta, a place about 25 miles from Calcutta up the Hooghly. His Vidyasundar was written some time in the sixth or seventh decade of the [eighteenth] century. The influence of Bharatchandra (bhaaratachandra) is clearly noticeable. In style and characterization Ramprasad is inferior to his predecessor but in poetic fancy he is undoubtedly superior. Ramprasad's humour is less objectionable. His other works include Kalikirttan and the fragmentary Krishnakirttan. These poems were written in the form of the 'Pancali' style that was developing from the older 'Kirttan'.

There are a number of very popular devotional songs of the Mother Goddess [Kali] bearing the signature of Ramprasad. The simple and appealing melody associated with the songs is also attributed to the poet who is looked upon as a saint. But this melody and the songs pertaining to it may have been the work of another Ramprasad (a Brahman) belonging to Calcutta who was reputed as a composer of 'Kabi' songs. This Ramprasad was a younger contemporary of the first (who was a Vaidya). The songs are purely devotional, being appeals to God the Mother, couched in the words of a wayword but repentant child. ... The sentiments evoked by the songs are a combination of homely affection and pure devotion and therefore their appeal is irresistible." (excerpted from History of Bengali Literature; Sukumar Sen; Sahitya Akademi; 1960, Pp.155-156)

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