Mimi Radhakrishnan (b. 1955)

Mimi Radhakrishnan was born on August 29, 1955 in Kolkata where she lived through her early years. Then, she went to Santiniketan.

Her scholastic training has been entirely in the field of fine arts. She studied print-making under the guidance of Sri. Somnath Hore, followed by Masters at Baroda under Sri. K.G. Subramanyan. The few fellowships and awards she has received are all in the field of art.

Her writing career is relatively recent. Her first short story, 'Swapner khela (স্বপ্নের খেলা)' was published in Desh (দেশ) in 1999, followed by 'Manomohoner atithi (মনোমোহনের অতিথি)', 'Arup madhuri (অরূপ মাধুরী)' etc. A collection of short stories Nishir Dak (নিশির ডাক) has been published in 2004 by Subarnarekha, Kolkata.

A humanist, liberal, self-professed environmentalist and an ardent animal lover, she has her own studio in Delhi, where she paints. She has lived in Delhi with her husband, son and pet cats for over thirty years.

Published April, 2013

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