Khaled Hossain (b. 1964)

Khaled Hossain is considered a leading poet by his contemporaries. He loves to travel – but would rather stay at home, storming it up with friends over a hot cup of tea. This apparent ambiguity in his nature also emerges in his poetry: the deep, almost lyrical, romanticism of his words are counterpoised by the everyday quality of the things he speaks of. Hossain’s poems are expressions of his discontent as an individual and as a social being, but especially the pain of forever lacking conclusions: “We have no destination,/ No graveyard, no epitaph.” (Reality Remains beyond the Reach of All Theories, Shikar Jatrar Ayojon, Pub: Shahitya Bikash).

Khaled Hossain has published 3 collections of poetry (Ila Mitra Ebong Onnyanyo Kobita, Pub: Student Ways; Shikar Jatrar Ayojon, Pub: Shahitya Bikash; Jol Chhobir Canvas, Pub: Lok Nalanda) as well as a short story collection (Chiriakhana, Pub: Asia Publications). In addition, he has edited the Collected Works of Jibanananda Das published by Tumpa Prakashani and a volume of short stories by Rabindranath Tagore for young adults which was published by Suchipatra Publications. Hossain is also well-known as a chharakar – a children’s poet. Currently he is engaged in writing a ‘dictionary’ (in poetry) of Bangladeshi fruits for children.

He lives and teaches at Jahangirnagar University, his alma mater. His wife Irene Parvin, daughter Rodela Shukriti and son Abhipshito Roudro together comprise his compass in this life’s journey.

Published January 20, 2007

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