Tagore Links

Songs of Rabindranath (Complete Geetobitan, in Bengali. It is "searchable"!)

Project Gutenberg Titles by Rabindranath Thakur

William Radice recites his own translation of some poems of Tagore: The Golden Boat (Sonar Tari), New Rain (Naba Barsha), and Shah-Jahan (Shahjahan).

Rabindra-Bhavana at Vishva-bharati

Tagore Page (with articles)

Tagore Page at Nobel Internet Archive

Short biography and bibliography

Tagore Page

Tagore songs, by Swapan Gupta

"Once there was a king"

Tagore's conversation with H.G . Wells

A little known letter from Tagore

Poems by Tagore (in Bengali)

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