Ashapurna Debi
tr. Gopa Majumdar

Pp. 213; Macmillan (Translation Series), India
Year of Publication: 1997; ISBN: 0333 923197

`This is how Ashapurna herself introduces Subarnalata. "Apparently, Subarnalata is a life story but that is not all. Subarnalata is the story the story of a particular time, a time that has passed, but whose shadow still hovers over our social system. Subarnalata is a symbol of the helpless cry of an imprisoned soul ... sociologists write down the history of a changing society, I have merely tried to draw a curve to depict the change."'
    (-- from the Introduction by Nabaneeta Dev Sen)

Subarnalata is the second volume of the famous trilogy by Ashapurna Debi, who received the Jnanpeeth Award in 1976 for Pratham Pratishruti. .

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