Speaking of Siva
Translated with An Introduction by: A. K. Ramanujan

Cover Illustrations: Nataraja, from Musee Guimet, Paris
Pp. 199; Penguin, India
Year of Publication: 1973; ISBN: 0-14-044270-7

Speaking of Siva is a collection of 'vacanas' or free-verse lyrics written by four major saints of the great 'bhakti' protest movement which originated in the tenth century A.D.

Composed in Kannada, the poems are lyrical expressions of love for the god Siva. They mirror the urge to bypass tradition and ritual, to concentrate on the subject rather than the object of worship, and to express kinship with all living things in moving terms.

(--from the cover jacket)

For a detailed interview where Girish Karnad discusses A.K. Ramanujan, click here. (Interview taken in 2004 by Anjali Nerlekar. Translated from original English into Bangla by Ankur Saha.)

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