The Collected Essays of A.K. Ramanujan
Edited by: Vinay Dharwadker

Cover Illustrations: Colour Linocut by Krittika Ramanujan
Pp. 638; OUP, India
Year of Publication: 1999, Third impression 2006; ISBN: 019566896-0

Poet, scholar, translator, folklorist, A.K. Ramanujan has been recognized as the world's most profound scholar of South Asian language and culture. This book brings together thirty essays written by him over a period of four decades.

Divided into four parts, each quadrant of this collection contains an introductory essay by an eminent scholar: Wendy Doniger on literature and culture, Vinay Dharwadker on classical literature, John B. Carman on bhakti and modern poetry, and Stuart Blackburn and Alan Dundes on folklore.

(--from the introductory notes of the book)

For a detailed interview where Girish Karnad discusses A.K. Ramanujan, click here. (Interview taken in 2004 by Anjali Nerlekar. Translated from original English into Bangla by Ankur Saha.)

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