Mahabharater Katha
Buddhadeva Bose
Cover: Purnendu Pattrea
Pp. 299; M.C. sarkar & Sons, calcutta
First Pub. 1974; 4th. Reprint BE 1397
ISBN: 81-7157-026-7
"As poet and critic, novelist and short story writer, translator and editor, Budhhadeva Bose (1908-74) adorned Bengali literature for more than four decades....... It was while on a teaching assignment in the U.S. that he conceived of.... Mahabharater Katha .....
"Mahabharater Katha .... seeks to state anew 'that Mahabharat is no dim and petrified account of antiquity, but that it is very much present in the flow of human life even now'. Buddhadeva Bose essentially looks for meanings of the ancient 'myths' in today's context. He refers to Ramayan, other Indian and foreign texts, both ancient and modern, while all the time keeping in focus his main subject of discussion -- Mahabharat. The result is an evocative treatise that opens a totally new horizon for the interpretation of Mahabharat in contemporary terms. (from the jacket of its translation by Sujit Mukherjee: The Book of Yudhisthir [Macmillan India, 1986]). "This book, the translator's homage to the original work, is an attempt to expose Bose's excellent work to a much wider readership. .....")