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(http://www.anandabazar.com/archive/1040220/20uttar1.htm) - ަU TS g sc, AUPcKTF @بO@بO ~TASr خ ha Z cS |)

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I liked... [the] article by Indranil Dasgupta on 'Dwikhandita, Taslima Nasrin etc'. Recently I bought the book in New York and [am] still reading it. I paid $25 for it. I found out that this is a revised book -- the title being 'Ka' and not 'Dwikhandita'. Probably this book does not have the controversial writing on Hazrat Mohammed of Islam by Taslima. I would like the original book. I like Taslima's forthright writing style, though I feel she could have improved the literary value by editing it once. I feel very disappointed to see the primitive intolerance that is in vogue in Bangladesh. I condemn the same spirit that the CPM govt. in West Bengal is practicing by banning the book. Particularly I like Dasgupta's last paragraph of his writing, about the famous writer's stigma and taboo about sex and his intolerance of criticism and not accepting the fact that sex is only human.

Shanker Dutt

I am from Bangladesh originally, but studying in USA. I like and love Taslima Nasrin. She is an excellent, tough and brave writer. Although I am not positive with her Islamic comments, but I respect her own views agains Islam. I am happy that she has been able to give real lessons of those stupid men. If men can have sex, then women should do that too. Rights should be equal. Since I am not a good writer like you, I am not able to chacterize here in a right way. But you did the great job by appreciating her. I greatly appreciate her for her voice against male-dominated society. Women get suprressed too much in our country. Hopefully, the situation will be changed day by day by the light of education, awareness and the contritbutions from some extraordinary brave and tough people like Taslima Nasrin. I will be very happy if Taslima Nasrin can read my message so that she can feel that a lots of males like me like her and love her for acting as front-
runner to talk against male-dominating society. Good luck.

Hasan Abid

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Fantastic and very thought provoking.

Mohammed Ashraf Ali

f^S i@ب

f^S i@ب (1888-1961): j@ Acmp cFALL - ~U@

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A wonderful initiative. A French observer and well-wisher of the Tagores, I mean Romain Rolland, in a few sentences in his Journal of India described the essential personality and motivation of the Poet's son, upon visit to Switzerland. I hope very soon a set of collective works by Rathindranath will come out, and a more detailed biography. Congratulations, Alak Datta.

Prithwindra Mukherjee (Paris, France)

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U@UF, VA̦ |

I really liked this "Chhara" (not sure what is 'Chhara' called in English) by Gautam Hazra. A true reminiscence of my childhood days. The accompanied art work also took me back to my childhood. Not sure if our modern-day children will understand or will be able to relate this to their surrounding environment. Modern age is driving out all the 'bhoot's from their lives. Nothing seems 'Adbhoot' to them anymore. Heroes and villains and maniac characters of suspense movies are fast replacing the fear of 'Bhoot' from the lives of our children. No longer do they crave for bedtime stories of bhoot or adbhoot. Writing such 'chhara' I believe requires unique abilities in someone who is able to retain his childhood mind. Well done Gautam! To me this one seemed to be one of the best that I liked of your work so far. Keep this going for the sake of our lost childhood days.

Mihir Chatterjee

I liked the 'Chhara'. Easy to read style with good rhythm.

Debasis Basu

cɮ - ɰ @TUf

I wondered how he writes a story like BAHAS and JOKHON NISHOBDA... (last issue)! It is a very different style and subject for a bangla story. Please convey my thanks to Saad Kamali.

Shahin Ahmed

Thanks to the writer and 'paraabas' for a story like this which revives the traditions of short stories coming out of the lives of people of rural Bengal. They are facing the danger of extinction. It is time that the focus is shifted back to them.

Amar Mudi

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rK Ac@U - ~kc

Very nice, and deeply felt poem of love. Please continue giving such pleasure in words. Nature and love together created a secret universe of pleasure that only a real conscious poetic endeavour could offer. Wish the poet all the best.


Haaris Mahmud

5 U ɦ - TfSQf

I was a student of Shri Shikshayatan College, Calcutta BA Education (Hons) batch of 1991 and Mrs Gauri Ayyub used to teach us Education. Her ideas and way of teaching used to hold us spellbound in class. She was the best teacher I've ever had and I'm sure she has left her impact on all her students. She was extremely softspoken, kind and sweet. We had our farewell in this very room (where Mrs Gauri Ayyub is seen writting) on a warm summer evening sometime in June 1991 and I feel so nostalgic. We were her last batch and she retired after that. We had given her a farewell in college. I feel so priviledged to have known her. She is truly unforgettable.

Sudeshna (Patra) Das

Ae@ A A@^ - ~T^S Oncf

I liked this travelogue. Will be waiting for the next part. Thank you writer, thank you Him-Aloy Mountaineering Club, thanks Parabaas.

Abdullah khan

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