When I'm writting something about the interview then Mr. Safa is no more.... So far I know, Ahmed Safa used to tell those things, what he believes. So this one also not the exception.. It was his own view. It may happen that lot of people may not agree with this. But I still want to give him thanks to express himself with honesty. Now in Bangladesh it's very difficult to get any intellectuals, who are expressing themseves honestly like Mr. Safa.

Md. Ansar Ali



As we have read ardhek jivan by Sunil Ganguly, this interview seems to be a repetition of that in interview form.We want to know something that is not published before.

Dipanjana Ghosh

Editor's Respose: This article appeared on Parabaas before "Ardhek Jiban" started appearing on "Desh".



I liked the story very much. Please convey my best regards to the author.

Partha Ghosh


Article : Interview with Narayan Debnath by Chirantan Kundu


Thank you Chirantan Kundu for this fluid interview. Narayan Debnath is a tireless artist who has been entertaining us with his simple, earthy comic strips from our childhood. Incidentally, to read Bantul, Handa Bhonda and Nante Phante on the internet, visit www.banglalive.com.

arindam sengupta

Article : 'Dhrupad', by Phalguni Mitra

The essay titled Dhrupada is good, and thanks to you for highlighting this almost neglected type of Indian Classical Music(Vocal). But I want to say that there is not a single word about Bishnupur Ghrana which was famous for Dhrupada. The author has written about songs of Rabindranath Tagore which are related to Dhrupada. I want to mention that Jadu Bhatta, the Guru of Rabindranath, belonged to that gharana and Rabindranath learned Dhrupada from him and later he made a number of his songs on the notes of those Dhrupadas; e.g. "jaya taba bichitra ananda" ("jaya prabala begabati" - Brindabani Sarang), "e bharate raakho" ("e batiyaa" - Surat), "bipula taranga re ("nachata tribhanga re" - Bhimpalasree), "charana dhwani suni" ("murali dhwani suni eri maai" - raga not known), "sunya haate firi he" ("rumajhuma barakhe" - Kaafi), "swami tumi..." etc. I think we should not forget that wealth of Bengal.There are few artists belonging to that gharana now, but it is not totally obliterated, and we should not allow it to be.

Taponita Ray

Article : ‘uRaal pul’ by Bijaya Mukhopadhyay

I am staying in Qatar a small country in Gulf and read the magazine Parabaas. The poem I mentioned above is an excellent poem and I liked it

very much.


Dr. Tapas Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Article : ‘Loke bale alaukik’ by Indranil Dasgupta

Story is nice & interesting & humourous, but the ending is not that interesting.


Article : 'Mesor Chikitsa', by Riya

Its a nice page and I wish Riya will do well in future. I also like Parabaas for it's great collection.

Thanx parabaas.
Anup Jash

Article: pictures & story

Moniya and I liked the pictures because the style was new and unusual to us. We also liked the story because to us the story was humorous. There is something about the pictures that seemed weird and unusual that we couldn't point out but we like it.

Somak & Moniya Bhattacharya

I am from Perth WA and was wrapped after reading your web-site.

Wonderful piece of art it is and my heart felt congratulations to all of you who must have spent so many hours in establishing it and updating it regularly. I have become a regular customer to your site and have introduced it to many of our friends here who are all raving about it. I am an amateur writer and have written for local publications here in Perth. Even though the themes of my stories are very much rooted in the Indian sub continent but the medium of expression is English. I could send you a sample if you would like to have a read and would appreciate very much if you decide to publish it on your web-site.

Suparna Chatterjee

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